stay away blackheads

I hate blackheads on my t-zone area, I have combination skin therefore I have oily pores during daytime which causes pores to clog up in the t-zone area on my face. I have tried so many things to fix my blackheads, but in the end I still use my fingers squeeze them out. I know its not good for your skin and makes your pore larger, but sometimes I just cannot help it. Don’t know if you guys have this habit too. After using a few weeks with Neutrogena’s new black head product I have noticed that I have not been squeezing my blackheads when looking into the mirrors. It’s great my pores are less oily and not clogged up.

These are the 2 products I used and will keep using for the summer time!

This heating mask is very soothing and works great for cleaning pore. I use it 2 times a week at night time before I sleep. After washing your face, empty the tube on your fingers and then massage it on clogged pore areas (t-zone) around 20 seconds . It heats up your face and unclogs pores.

DC Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment 深層淨化抗黑頭溫感膜

For the best result I use the black head pore scrub every night. The small scrubs helps deep cleanse the skin and keeping rid of dead skins. I would be very careful around eye areas because it very easy to get the scrubs in eye. I am in love with these two products, it’s definitely my problem solver for blackheads.

Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub 深層淨化抗黑頭柔珠洗面乳