sequins glam

After a few days I finally recovered my stupid cold! No more Ms. Sneezey for me.

Sequins!!! It gives you glam and shine. Want to stand out in the crowd while clubbing?
You don’t need to be 5 ft 7 to stand out, try on a sequins top or skirt. When the light reflects on you, you will be sparkling in different direction and I am sure if will draw others attention.
If you have pale skin, try on dark tones ( black, silver, blue ) sequins and if you have more tanned skin try bright tones ( gold, pastel yellow, turquoise). I will try to avoid super light colors because it might make you look chubby. I like adding a jacket to the whole look, its more chic and the patent shoes just gives a bit of sexiness to the outfit.

I am wearing:
Sequins top: United colors of Benetton
Short: DIY shorts from vintage store
Blazer : online store
Shoes: on pedder
Ring: Follie Follie