Shanghai Tang [part1]

I am finally back from Shanghai! Sorry it took me a while to update my blog.
I couldn’t access to in China, which was really weird. I knew that they had banded google and facebook there but never knew blogger too!
I will try my best to upload all the pictures ASAP, here are some pictures from my first and second day in Shanghai.
My flight got delayed for 3 hours, by the time we arrived at Shanghai it was already really late.
I rested up for the next day, where I went to the Expo. It was so packed!! The lineups were crazy, you had to wait for 4 hours to go in Spain, Italy and Germany’s Expo. So, I gave up and just went to place where there were less people.

Tips for jet wear: For me, I love to throw on a pair of leggings and a huge comfy shirt. It might be cold on the plane so keep a scarf in hand! Comfy and relax is the key!

on the way to the expo!
Tips for outdoor wear: Always bring a huge round hat for outdoors and wear at least 25SPF skincare.
I am always inspired by the 1950’s huge hats. I mixed it up with 90’s causal wear to give it a leisure look.
Most important! If you know you will be walking heaps wear comfy shoes!!! Sneakers or comfy flats are good to wear.


my fav ~!!
Ending the day with a sweet picture in front of China with my love:)

What I was wearing:
1st outfit
Army green shirt from H&M
A Hermes inspired scarf from ZARA
Black leggings random store
White comfy shoes Cotton On

2nd outfit
Huge black weave hat
Stripe long tank
Blue oversize T-shirt
All from Cotton On