my summer reflection

I have decided to write a summer reflection post.
I will never forget summer 2010. Why??
I am too lazy to write things in long paragraphs, I will keep it nice and simple.

1. I started my own fashion blog
I have always wanted to open a fashion blog of myself. I was scared of people thoughts, so I struggled. This summer, I finally had the courage to start a fashion blog. It turned out to be great!! The feeling of exchanging thoughts thru blogging is amazing. The best thing is I am able to meet new bloggers and readers through my blog. I would like to thank everyone who commented on my blog for the past few months. All your comments gives me strength to continue my blog. I hope you guys will continue reading!!

2. Able to go to Shanghai and see the Expo
Oh… Shanghai!! It was my first vacation trip with my boyfriend. I love traveling to different places. The Expo wasn’t as good as I thought, but I still enjoyed it. The eating,shopping, sight seeing was fantastic.



3. Had an amazing summer intern with a Stylist
I don’t even what to say. Its like a dream come true part 1. I love watching The Rachel Zoe Project and always wanted to be one of her assistants for my early career. This summer, I was very lucky to have an internship with a Hong Kong Stylist. She is crazy talented and a super nice boss. I have learned so much from her and would love to keep learning.

The Crew!
Preparing photo shoot for Lane Crawford’s CEO.


Now I am back to school!
Work hard and never give up. Each day is a learning progress for me.