Hectic Scene of Lanvin x H&M

This morning, I decided to wake up early to check out the chaotic line up for Lanvin x H&M.
I knew it was impossible for me to get anything… mehh .. I still wanted to see
Tons of people waited overnight to get what they actually wanted and some just lined up for the sake of making profit by reselling it online.
Personally, I am into people who buy items without desire or appreciating the design.
Its unfair to others who do and have waited patiently. When the store opened, people literally RAN inside the store. It was pretty entertaining, I felt like I was on set for “Shopaholic 2”.

By 10:30 am 90% of the items were sold out already. Pretty NUTS!!!

If you were not able to get anything, its okay!!!! Get inspiration from the collection and try to make something yourself! Add a bit of your personal style to it to make it unique.
I am sure there will be lots of look-alike this winter. hehe

Setting up for the first batch of customers!

haha hope you guys enjoyed my paparazzi pics that I took!!
Let me know if you were able to get anything!!