my jolly cinema list

Hey guys you probably think I am weird posting old movies online for my holiday movie list.
Well unfortunately Hong Kong is much slower than other counties when it comes to oversea movies.
So bare with me.. and maybe I can suggest you to watch them! haha I am a huge movie person~

Xtina is known for amazing voice and amazing body but not sure about amazing acting?
We all need to see and find out!!
I always love watching movies about fighting for your dreams or overcoming obstacles in different stage in life. These movie inspires me to fight for what I want and to always have faith in life.
I can’t wait to look at all the stage outfits and get inspired!!!!!
Similar to Dream Girls, NINE and Chicago; Burlesque on a small-town girl moving to LA and finds her place in a Neo-Burlesque club run by a former dancer.

You can check out the trailer!!
I know its already on in North America and CRAPPP Hong Kong doesn’t have it yet…. omg……

2. Love and Other Drugs
Jake Oh Jake! That hottttt bodyyy, I want to seee more!!! I already have a feeling I am going to fall in love with this movie. It has both my fav actor and actress in it. I have to say I do agree that Love can be like drugs!! I admit I am addicted to my bf now…hahahhaah and I don’t want to go to rehab !
Def a girls night out movie or a cuddle cuddle movie with your love!!!

Already out in North America… Hits Hong Kong on December 30, 2010.

3. Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows: Part 1

I hope this one is better than the previous one!!! I heard and read great reviews this time, so I m trusting it and giving it another chance!!!! I have to say Emma looks way better with short hair than long hair. Its so modern and chic. LOVE LOVE LOVE…

Hits Hong Kong December 16, 2010

4.The Tourist
When 2 sexy people meet… what happens?
This movie is about a American tourist, Frank ( Johnny Depp), visiting Italy to men a broken heart and Elise ( Angelina Jolie) an extraordinary woman who deliberately come across his path.
I am wanting one of Angelia’s gown in the movie!!! So elegant yet seductive….
What do you guys think? Good movie or Bad?

Hits Hong Kong on January 6th, 2011

What movies will you see over the holiday? Would love to know!!!!
Or any suggestion?