H&M brings special clogs to the world this Spring

After the huge success of Lanvin for H&M, now comes another exciting collaboration!!
Shoe label Swedish Hasbeens will be making three styles of wooden-soled clog exclusively for H&M, it will be available from April 20th in around 150 stores worldwide. The shoes comes in size 35 – 39 and cost HKD 499 or HKD 599.

Clogs was a huge trend for AW 2010 and H&M is continuing the trend to Spring!!
Any you like? I really like the lace up ones!!!

About collection:

“I love the genuine feeling you get from Hasbeens, from the wood and the leather, and also how they take something traditional and Swedish and make it contemporary and modern. These Hasbeens for H&M fit perfectly with the ’70s bohemian look that’s so important this coming season,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design.

“We have a strong belief in making better shoes for a better world. We want to make fashion more fun, creative and friendly to both the environment and people. And we have loved designing for H&M! It’s a fantastic opportunity to spread the idea of Hasbeens and make these shoes available to more people in the world,” says Emy Blixt, founder and designer of Swedish Hasbeens.