PUMA SOCIAL 2011- Launched in Hong Kong

PUMA 2011 ” PUMA Social” Campaign
Kicked off at Racks with 24Herbs, Charmaine Fong and Jocelyn Luko

Yesterday, February 25th, 2011, PUMA Hong Kong launched it’s ” PUMA Social” campaign with local Canto-rap group 24 Herbs, singer Charmaine Fong and celebrity model Jocelyn Luko at popular chill spot, RACKS billiards club. The night was hosted by MC/actor Terence Yin.

Honouring the campaign’s irreverent celebration of “social exchange” and friendly competition” amongst the “after-hours athletes – special guests were dressed in the latest PUMA Social collection and were invited to engage to a playful competition of beer pong and pool shooting on custom made PUMA tables.

I was invited to experience the “after-hours athlete”.
The atmosphere of the event was fun and chilled which was totally what PUMA Social is all about! Friends bonded in fashionable outfits together and play all sorts of games with sportsmanship.

Special guests battling it out to become the champion of late night games!!

The celebrity PUMA Social-ite players were joined by the host of the night Terence Yin.

Amazing PUMA shoes! I am dying to get a pair for myself!!

A quick interview AnthonySandstorm and Jocelyn Luko

What are your thoughts about this collection?

A: This collection is adventurous, it’s suitable for various people especially athletes. My favorite slogan for this campaign,“ Here’s to the after hours athlete.” PUMA’s logo is so fierce !!

J: It’s a wonderful and stylish collection. I like how I can wear the garments in street style and be care free , since the garments are already very sporty chic.

What are your favorite elements from this collection?

A: I would have to say the shoes. I was really surprised how comfortable the shoes were. It’s functional and fashionable.

J: The colors for this collection, it’s fun and easy to mix and match with other garments. Especially the jacket I am wearing right now, the gold makes it so classy.

How do you style yourself when wearing PUMA’s garments?

A: I wear my silver ring at all times! I am not really an accessories guy but I do like to wear my LED vintage watch. I think it goes well with PUMA’s colorful garments.

J: I like to style myself with statement jewelries. It gives a bling touch to the whole outfit. I like to go for big hoop earrings and bangles.

Group photos with 24 Herbs, Charmaine Fong, Jocelyn Luko and Terence Yin

Nothing is more better than raising the glass and celebrating the night of FUN!!!!

About the collection:
PUMA offers a fresh collection of eye catching colors, energetic pieces in chic sporting style.
From ” Made in Japan” windbreaker jacker to ” Punk Capsule” rocker-graphic Tees, classic zip-up track jackets, modern batwing tops and the iconic must have PUMA Suede sneakers.
The “PUMA Social” collection is describe as fun, young, and totally designed for scoring points in the social sphere!

These are my picks for this collection! I am loving the energetic color blocking and fun prints !!

Women’s Collection

Men’s Collection

A must have item from PUMA shoes!! Unisex Suede Mid Classic !!

Want to buy them???

Stay tuned for more events and post updates for ” PUMA Social”