Monki Styles Exploring Wonderland SS2011

For the past 3 days I wished I had been off to a wonderland!!!
I was sick in bed feeling I was no longer in this world .

Have you ever had felt like this when you were super sick in bed? Instead of suffering why not imagine yourself off to a adventurous place on your own, of course on a stylish escape?

For the SS2011 Monki Styles has presented Exploring Wonderland!!! I am loving the styling by Emma Wickstorm, Set design by Joe Junsjo and Photographer Aorta/LundLund!!
Each frame of picture has its own title, come and explore the fashion adventures together!!


“Discovering the Invisible”

” In this Strange Land” ( LOVE LOVE LOVE!!)

“Leaving the Dream”

“The Dance of Expectancy”

“A Queen Standing Tall”

“Where Oh Where”

Hope you guys liked the photos! I sure do!!!
Outfit updates this weekend:)