PUMA Social Club Finale

Puma Social Club Finale took place at HYDE night club on Mar 17th 2010.
VIP guest Janice Man , Jennifer Tse and Jun Kung also made an appearance at the event.
The vibe of the night was lively and interactive. The fun part was there were 2 parts for the party. First you can chill with your friends and have a few drinks at the lounge floor then head straight downstair to the dance floor. DJ Krazy Baldhead’s remix music made the dance floor packed!!
The design of the venus was pretty cool, I really like the Digital PUMA walls and the shoe hanging bar decorations.

Here is a small clip of the feel of that night! FEEL~~

Ping Pong racket souvenir, now I can invite my friends to my house for a fun night of Ping Pong game;)

My outfit for the night: Dark shimmer with bold fuchsia lips
Tips for fuchsia lips: add a hint of gray shade to your outfit. It will help compliment your lip color.

I am wearing:
Betsy Johnson shimmer dress
2% Faux leather jacket
Juicy gray sweater
Balenciaga bag
Marc Jacob lace up boots