Kapok-Concept Store Hong Kong

Spring is almost here and I am in search of some new friends to my closet:)


I have discovered, Kapok, this awesome concept store in Hong Kong. Unlike usual stores, Kapok showcases brands that combine craftsmanship and creativity. The store focus on young talented small companies that sells unique and quality fashion, beauty and accessories. Apart from fashion, they are also sell and promote culture and design, which makes the store more diverse. If you are someone that likes to explore different new overseas brands and stylish products, this is a store you will fall in love with:)

Here are a few brands that caught my eye and I want to share if with you guys:)

Bodkin SS2011 – twist and tie

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Bodkin’s SS2011 collection is so chic and modern! I would die to get this twist and tie jumpsuit. Its great for a casual day out with sandals and jean jacket or it can turn into a elegant night wear with sexy high platforms and a statement jewelry!


Bodkin seeks to bring to clothing the mission of architectural modernism: Good, smart design. With comfort at its core, Bodkin creates urban essentials with modern silhouettes and wry details that lend its simple shapes a subtle specialness. Bodkin favors a relaxed, understated, day-to-night sense of chic that reflects the sensibility of cultural creatives. Within this design framework, all materials are sourced with an eye toward environmental and social good. The line was the inaugural recipient of the Ecco Domani Sustainable Design Award in 2009.

Bodkin was founded in 2008 by Eviana Hartman with the goal to merge her specific aesthetic—honed during a career as staff fashion writer at Vogue and Teen Vogue and as fashion features editor at NYLON — with a long-term interest in sustainability, developed through writing a column about ecological topics for The Washington Post, studying under pioneering “green architect” William McDonough, and having an architect for a father

We have a wide selections of pieces from Bodkin this season. SS2011 collection is as usual a very clean and fresh creation with basic, loose and constructural silhouette, subtle and natural color with neon accents. Making use of twisting and tying of garment parts is the signature of this collection, fun and never too much. that’s why we love Bodkin.

Stella Pardo – Between Paris and Lima

Yellow is a big hit trend for this Spring and Summer. These garments are great for color blocking and adds a youthful touch to your outfit.


Daughter, mother and aunt are driven by their passion for their country and devoting the same admiration for their adopted country: France. It’s between Paris and Lima STELLA PARDO, born with a shared spirit full of dreams from these three dynamic women, always wearing a big smile. STELLA PARDO is the memory of the grandmother of the clan that has continued to guide the three women throughout their lives: the image of a coquette, seductive, independent woman, ahead of her time. It is also the taste of discovery, and attention to detail that makes the difference and the desire to chart its own path.

Their idea is to create a bridge between France and Peru following the thread of the textile world in which the mother and aunt made their debut. They aim to develop an exchange based on respect and mutual sharing.Hand in hand with their predecessors, the designers give free rein to their creative impulses and affix their signature.

STELLA PARDO, are timeless pieces, sleek, with subtle details, from the subtle blend of these two cultures so close and so distant, a Parisian style with a know-how of ancestral Peruvian noble materials: the Baby Alpaca and Pima cotton for a single mesh Organics, a silky feel and comfort.

STELLA PARDO is a commitment to develop aid to the knitting community in Lima and for the respect of the planet.

Jogema from Thailand – Pacman Anniversary edition

These fun rings are a must have! They are one of a kind 🙂 The designs are so special and I am sure everyone will be asking you where did you get these rings!

Rhodium/Sterling silver/ gold plated ring designs inspired by the 80’s Pacman! just can’t hold smiling after seeing them:) funny, and nicely crafted in Thailand

Here is their online shop. Go take a look! They do free shipping world wide too!!!

HK Address:

g/f,5,saint francis yard,

hong kong
kapok on sun street
g/f,3,sun street
hong kong

Hope you guys will like their stuff:)