March 24th, 2011, the grand launch of Aura by Swarovski atDomani!

We are gathered to celebrate the masterpiece of femininity and the grace of light for SWAROVSKI’s new timeless concept fragrance, Aura by SWAROVSKI.
The project was born of close partnership between Swarovski and perfume expert Clarins Fragrance Group.
I was very lucky to be invited to such an elegant and graceful event. It was an unforgettable night, I was honored to witness a special presentation by President of Clarins Fragrance Group, Mr. Joel Palix, and Managing Director of Swarovski Brand License AG’s, Mr. Thibaud François Gigandet for this fragrance.

As you all know SWAROVSKI is well-known for giving crystals its soul and making it into living matter that captures and reflects the beauty of light. In creating another level of glamour radiant for women, SWAROVSKI is bringing it to a more femininity and feeling than ever before.

Here was my outfit for the night! Orange playsuit with white blazer. Funny thing was I altered the length of the playsuit at home 1 hour before this event 😛 Turned out great!
Tips with short playsuits: the length of jumpsuit looks the best when its a bit higher on your thighs. It will make your legs longer and elongates your body proportion , don’t forget to add a skinny belt to readjust your high waistline:)

A night with wonderful atmosphere along with glasses of champagnes and delicious finger food. All the ladies were enjoying themselves while waiting for the first appearance of Aura by SWAROVSKI.

Here were a few statements pieces from SWAROVSKI collection. Stars like Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria,and Zi Yi Zhang wore SWAROVSKI’s evening bags and jewelry to the red carpet.

Presentation by President of Clarins Fragrance Group, Mr. Joel Palix, and Managing Director of Swarovski Brand License AG’s, Mr. Thibaud François Gigandet

First look at ” The Grace of Light” collection!

A sparkly glamours Alexander McQueen garment made of SWAROVSKI crystals.

YEAAA my new love fragrance!!!
Beauty shines from within an aura of sensuous energy,vibrant and lustrous.

The perfume is not very strong scented, it has various sparkly rays of scent. There is a fruity ray with notes soft lychee, a floral ray with notes of white jasmine and a rosy floral ray with notes of rose. I would definitely wear this perfume, I really like rays of scent. The outlook of the perfume bottle is very simple and has a strong character of SWAROVSKI’s signature crystal. It is unique and easy to be recognized. One thing I like the most about this perfume is it is environmentally responsible. Instead of buying new bottles, the entire line is refillable and the cases are made from recycled and recyclable cardboards with no inserts.
It is a great for personal use or a gift for someone special. Go try it or get it!!!I highly recommend this lovely fragrance!!!

The Concept: Grace of Light

Crystal is transformed into liquid energy to become luminous fragrance. Set off in a shower of shimmering particles, it becomes luminescent makeup, graciously nestled in a beautiful jewel.
“Aura” is a poetic word which means glow, a kind of luminous halo emanating from a person and spirit.

Aura bears a power promise: to transform the personality as a whole.With Aura, the woman holds a mysterious power, she radiates with vibration of dazzling seduction.

The whole collection of this luminescent fragrance!

The Eau de Toilette /Price Range $420-$750 hkd

The Bath Line/ Price Range $270-$550 hkd

The Make-up Jewels / Price Range: $530-$610 hkd
For more information please go to :

Hope you guys like this collection as much as I do 🙂

I was wearing:
Orange vintage jumpsuit
H&M White Blazer
Pegaso Clutch
Gasparo Yurkievich with SAERA booties