nail trends for Spring 2011

Pale Lavender Nails:)
I am loving my romantic pale lavender nails, its a great color to welcome Spring:)

I finally got a manicure!!!! While I was getting my manicure, I was having dilemmas on what nail polish I should pick. So I decided to do some research on Spring 2011 hottest nail colors and pick out the ones I like the most to share it with you guys!!!

Natural Nudes: Natural Nudes is a great “hit “this summer for people who are too lazy to change their nail colors. Or for people who cannot wear bright color nails for work but still want to be a fashionistas.

Important thing is to keep the top coat nice and glossy, that way you will have fresh looking nails.

Romantic Purples: A great shade for different skin tones which add on a soft elegant touch. If you want to be more sophisticated, try a darker shade. Ester Lauder has a great purple shade this season!

Magical Golds: A feeling of rich and luxurious for your nails. Treat the gold nail polish as an accessory for your hands. Adding a red jewel will definitely add Baroque touch to it.

Smoky Darkness: If you want a smoky and sexy edge for your nails, this is the right shade for you!! Giving you a sexy attitude during SS 2011~~~

Fruity Pinks and Peaches: Happy colors :D:D These colors give you a happy and cheerful character! Also these shades are great for complimenting people who have tanned skin. Its a classic spring shade for all ladies:)

There is still many many trends … Sky Blues, Crack Coat Finishes, Taupe Shapes and many more.. these are some of my picks!!! Pick the ones that you feel comfortable and confident in:)
I remember once I picked this jade green nail polish… “SO NOT” my color ,I felt so weird wearing it.. I ended up wearing it once only. haha!