a sunset jewel

A special first Spring post:)
I was introduced to Swarovski’s new beauty line last week. A lot of my friends had been asking about my feedback towards Swarovski’s beauty products. Having our girl chats, letting them smell the scent of Aura and sharing my opinions with them was a fab experience. If I was sharing my thought with my close friends why not share it with my lovely readers too!!!

For the past week, I have been wearing “Aura” everyday. It’s currently my favorite fragrance. I am very flattered to receive sweet compliments from others, especially tons from my boyfriend:). I am loving the sweet lychee and fresh jasmine scent, those are a great combination to welcome Spring. My younger cousin would facebook me to request me to bring Aura to our family dinner next week; she is dying to smell it too! Haha The scent of this fragrance makes me feel sweet with a feminine glow.

One of hottest trends for Spring 2011 is all white. What is more chic to show off my Swarovski make-up jewel with a breezy white chiffon one-piece dress with a detailed vest? The white on white just brings out the reflections of the make-up jewel, projecting a romantic sleek style. Sunset light reflects to the ocean creating sparkly movements, just like Swarovski’s crystal, ahhh so pretty!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

The product shots:)

The packing is simple and creative. My pick for the lip color is Rose Scintillant. The color is very natural with a slight shimmer, a great color for all types of skin tone.

I am wearing:
Swarovski crystal gloss make-up jewel
Ruby and Ribious white pearl vest
Dazzle Spirea white chiffon one piece dress
Jeffrey Campbell lookalike wedges

Also! heheheh I started a lookbook.nu account:) its my very first post hope you all will support and also pls tell me if u have an account too! I love to “HYPE” you all:)