Lane Crawford x Opening Ceremony Party

I would like to share with you guys some of the pictures I took from the Lane Crawford x Opening Ceremony Party. The cocktail party was really fun, it was like a fashion night out. The store was opened till late for guest to take the first look and buy the collaboration collection. And of course Chloë Sevigny made her appearance at the event, but I wasn’t able to meet her in person:( it’s alright I still had an amazing time with my friends!!

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim

Chloë Sevigny’s outfit of the night!

photos via:

The store displays:) Loving the tea pot lights!

My outfit of the night~~
Statement jewelry and vintage bag
I was trying on a pair of shades from the collection! you like it?

It was a pity I couldn’t take pics with Chloe:( But this will do too:) I love the color block crop T!

Super tiny crabby patties:)

An amazing view of Hong Kong night harbor!

More Champagnes?

Silly us ><~

I was wearing:
H&M Conscious Collection sheer top
H&M Pants
Necklace Vintage
Bag Vintage
Wedges online shop