Monki Style- April

In a Secret Garden
Each month Monki does Monki Styles and I am always so inspired by these pictuers.
The set designs, photography, mood and styling is very conceptual. It makes me rethink of what is the purpose of fashion styling? A mentor once told the most important part of fashion styling is giving a magical touch to pictures:) I will always keep it in mind:)

My favorite picture is “Unfallen”. How about yours?

Photography: Aorta / LundLund
Styling: Emma Wickström / Monki
Set Design: Monki & Joel Junsjö / Lundlund
Illustration: Ellen Berggren / Monki
Hair/Make up: Erika Svedjevik / Link
Model: Lovisa / Mikas

“Bliss is a room of ones own”

Blowing my own horn, baby

“Doing it the no-noway ”

” Tamming the djungle room”

” Hunting high and low”