Can’t wait to see these new watches!!

Introducing” Nevil” A Modern Heritage
Triwa, the horological purveyors of colour and futuristic style, have partnered up with Tarnsjo Tannery. Tarnsjo Tannery provided their signature leather in the form of high quality organic leather bracelet for this collection of Nevil watches.
Triwa is one of the leaders of “watch style” and always provide timeless timepieces. The modern color scheme has given Triwa style makeover.

A luxurious watch with high quality materials :
-specially design organic leather bracelets to compliment the watch
-each model, you can pick between two different leather straps

Each color has its own character, what is yours?
I really like the black and orange ones..

Where to get it?

Nevil will be released in June exclusively at Lane Crawford, Hong Kong.

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For the past three years, the Mutewatch team has been inventing a watch that features a hidden touch screen and a silent, vibrating alarm and timer.
Now the design has 10,000 pre-ordered and will soon to be launched in Mutewatch’s hometown Stockholm and around the globe from Paris and London to New York, Moscow, Tokyo and


With new technology like iphone, now there is the new Mutewatch

Check out the super cool functions for Mutewatch:
-tap the flat surface and the touch screen lights up
-swipe through functions clock, alarm and timer
– built- in motion sensor that registers your movements and automatically adjusts the strength of vibration

Mutewatch will always keep you updated whether you’re sleeping, giving a presentation or doing your work out.

It comes in three simple colors suitable for everyone.

To take a closer look :

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