S.Nine Pop Up Store at Upper Eastside

Gossip Girl inspired and NYC themed were the keywords for this event.
As S.Nine has attracted local celebrities to wear their designs, I was also eager to see the new Spring Summer 2011 collection. The brand is embraced with practically and romance which most cosmopolitans are seeking for. Designer Susanna Ngao has created elegant silhouettes with her signature draping techniques.

As I walked into the shop I was welcomed by these lovely red velvet pop sweets.

Looking at the collection with tones of black, gray and white. There were some interesting patterns, draping and cutting throughout the collection.

My picks for the collection was this detailed ruffle vest. You can wear it open or tied up to define the waistline.

This is Tiffany’s pick, I can totally imagine her with this chic dress. LOVELY!

This is my ultimate FAV!!! You may all think this is a super simple white blazer that you can get anywhere.. but what I like about this blazer is the detailing on the sleeves. For most blazers, I always need to roll up the sleeve to make it right above my wrist. Sometimes, it’s really hard to stay. This blazer ‘s sleeve has the right position I want, since there is elastic detailing.. very smart huh?

A fashionable picture with designer Susanna Ngao. Congrats for such a chic collection.

For more information about S.Nine : http://www.snineonline.com/shop