Vnika meets TRIWA watches

I was going to a meeting to see the actual TRIWA watches that I have mentioned on my previous post. I was super excited since I have been looking for a new watch for a while now… WE all want the CHANEL J12… but to be honest.. I cannot afford it:( As a fashion blogger I seek for interesting bits and pieces and put it all together for my readers to read. Its like a small package:).
So I was on a misson to see if the TRIWA watches were KEEPERS!!

Currently I am loving the new ” Casual Elegance” style.. My outfit for the day was comfy wide pants with a casual t-shirt top. To make it more elegant I added a tie belt to define the waist and a oversized envelop clutch.

Tips on causal elegance style: Causal Elegance doesn’t mean just t-shirt and jeans.. you need key accessories to make the whole image look elegant. I always think belts and handbags completes the outfits.

Taking a closer look at the TRIWA watches.

The size of the watch is just right.. I prefer unisex and big watches. Since it can already be a statement hand piece.

You can change leather straps to match your outfits. My fav is the orange and brown ones they are so CLASSIC:D The organic leather straps are very soft and eco friendly.

Its also water resistant!

If you are not a big fan of the NEVIL.. there are other options.. Eager for a J12?
Well these will help you save some money and still look like a fashionista.
It comes with all sorts of colors.. So I am sure there is one you will fancy.
My pick will be these four colors.. White is my first pick.. then so on….

Who is wearing TRIWA?

From Transformer 3 new actor/super model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley tomega super star/ a person who hungers for new fashion/ fashion icon Rihanna and to upper class Princess Madeleine of Sweden on ELLE Magazine cover.


I am wearing:
Cotton on beige T-shirt
Le Château Black Jersey wide pants
H&M Bronze wrap Belt
Korean brand Envelope Clutch