Versace for H&M

Proud to announce that this year’s autumn 2011 designer collaboration with H&M will be ” Versace“!!
For a sec I was very surprised with this announcement since I have been hearing rumors for other brands.
One of my fav things about H&M is you can never guess what’s their next move. Who would thought of Versace for H&M? for sure not me… I have to be very honest I was never a huge fan of Versace before their Spring Summer 2011 collections I got really interested in this brand. I am loving the motif and bright colors they used for their collection. Many may think that Versace is a brand for glamour… but now we can see high fashion glamour transforming into young glamour chic.
In the video you will know more about the collection, I am loving how Donatella Versace is saying how this collection will like include some of Versace’s Past, Present and Future of the iconic pieces to the H&M collection.
I am really looking forward in seeing the pieces and getting to know more about the iconic pieces:) SURPISE ME Versace and H&M !! Stay tuned for the hottest exclusive news!!!

Sneak peak of a piece from the collection worn my Donatella Versace:)
This collection will be filled with full of leather , print, color and exuberance in exclusive material at fantastic H&M price ^^

This collection hits store November 17th, 2011 around 300 stores worldwide.
And also Donatella Versace has designed for Pre Spring collection for H&M too exclusive for online store on January 19th, 2011.

Special Thanks for the information provided by H&M press group Cher and Rosita:)