vintage yellow

Yellow is usually suitable for tanned skin types. So I was wondering how can I wear yellow since my skin is quiet pale. The fun thing about styling is you digest the fashion trends and output it with your own way and style. Sometimes styling is like problem solving, you just need to find the right ways to work the outfit. As I am addicted to long maxi dresses I also wanted to try midi maxi dress too. It’s a very lady like length and it’s great to show off my new yellow heels:)

Tips on wearing yellow if you have pale skin tones: Don’t go for a full on yellow dress it will make you look yellowy and tired. Try yellow with something that has a cool tone color combination ex blue, purple and black. It will bring out the skin tone instead of sinking it with the yellow. Stay in mind that the yellow color is the highlight on the outfit.

I am wearing:
Maple: Midi dress
Zara : Yellow heels
H&M: Belt
Zara: Vest
Gem Bangle: DIY
Bag: Balenciaga