Idealist Cooling Eyes

Having puffy eyes and panada eyes are a turndown for girls, it can be hard to banish.
I have a problem with dark circle under my eyes, it comes from genetics. Argh!
That’s why I pay close attention to my eye care. I have read many online beauty articles saying the most effective way to reduce dark circle is to use eye rollers or vibrators to increase the blood flow under your eyes.

3 weeks ago I was invited to try Estee Lauder’s newest Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator. It’s a bit different from other brands since the eye cream tip is made from Ceramic. The ceramic top gives a ice tingly feeling when you massage it under your eyes. I have used it for more than 2 weeks and I am really happy with the result. My eye circles are less visible and when I apply concealers there are less dry lines.

My thoughts:
It has a great applicator and I really like the feeling of it. Its suitable for all skin types and the texture is not heavy. It has a pearly texture after applying onto skin, you may see if you like the effect or not.

The actual product with the ceramic massage tip.

How to use it? 3 easy steps for day and night, use after applying essences/serums
1) first I squeeze 3 small dots under eye area
2) then from the inner side spread the cream outwards
3) don’t forget the out C areas on eyes

Tips on putting on flawless under eye concealer: You can add a bit this eye cream to your concealer for emergency eye dry line. The concealer will on smoother on your eye bags.

Interesting fact: eating less salt can help reduce eye puffiness:)