1618 launches in HK

Behind every fashion brand comes a powerful advertising company to help promote the brand’s need.
A fun part of writing this blog is I get to experience and learn different things everyday and share if with all my readers. You all probably think that this has nothing to do with fashion… but we should always broaden our sight in different areas. That’s why I want to share with you all this advertising company. As a blogger we are somewhat like a brand too, we try to project our style in a certain way and edit the things we like to let the world know who we are….building a brand image is not a one night thing, it takes time and hard work. I am still learning on that…

1618 believe in bringing design, aesthetic and meaning into everyday life.
I want to introduce to you all an amazing Italian independent creative group “1618” to Hong Kong. With excellence of Italian design, brand, web and advertising in Asia Pacific.
1618 clients include the large international brands such as Ferrari, UPS, Sony, Walt Disney and many more.

The launch party took place at Room 208, with high ceiling space and wonderful lively atmosphere. I saw people chatting their ways enjoying themselves after a long day of work.

Witnessing the launch of this creative company was the climax of the night. Sharing ideas and thoughts with each other.

For more information and contact :http://www.1618creative.com