Swarovski x Hello Kitty Launch Event

While I was walking into Swarovski x Hello Kitty’s fashion show event at Four Seasons Hotel, the first few things I noticed were bling and pink!
I am not sure about every girl in the world, but for me I had a moment of Hello Kitty obsession when I was young. Now looking at it in a fashion view, it has brought back numerous memories.
Hello Kitty always brought an image of cuteness and this time designer Nathalie Colin adds a bit of glamour fun to it. Creating earrings, charm bracelets, necklaces, rings, leather goods and crystal sets.

An interesting part of the fashion show was Swarovski used a new” Holographic” to project the jewelries to the audiences. I was able to see the product in 3D with different view points.

Playing interactive photo booth with the Hello Kitty collection:)

This bling bling limited addition Hello Kitty is speechless! Only 88 pieces sold worldwide and made with approx.. 20,000 finest Swarovski crystals. So lucky to get such a close look at it!!!

Jennifer looked stunning in the red sexy dress and Hello Kitty clutch!

Here are my picks from the collection:

Visit website for more information and items from the collection:


I am wearing:
big floral chiffon dress: vintage ( doesn’t it remind you of Kezno?)
gold necklace: Dior
belt: H&M
mustard heels: ZARA
bag: vintage