From China with LOVE

Shanghai Tang brings a new sense of cinematic luxury in their newest AW 2011 collection.
What is your first impression of Shanghai Tang? lots of Chinese traditional wear? a brand that is popular among foreigners?
Its all about to change now… First, picking both super model Lin Chiling and Hui Bing as Shanghai Tang’s brand ambassadors. With Lin Chiling’s high media profile personality and actress has proved that the collection brings a new image of Chinese beauty, chic and sophistication. Hui Bing’s well trained actor and recently nominated Best Actor at the Rome Film Festival for his role in “The Back” brings a new modern Chinese man for Shanghai Tang.

Looking at the new collection, I noticed a tough and edgy chic from previous collections. The print on the garments were very abstract bringing a bit of artsy feel contrasting with modern tailored “Qi Pao”.

Eye Candy:) The moment I saw this leather jacket I was touching it, feeling it and drooling all over it 😛 Then I looked at the back.. I was so like WOW!!

Shanghai Tang’s key style of menswear is mandarin collars. Keeping it nice and simple with different color shades and textures.

Who made this collection magical? Introducing “ Chee Au ” the new Chief Creative Officer of Shanghai Tang. It was great pleasure meeting and talking with Chee Au, she is talented and a creative designer. I am sure that Shanghai Tang will have lots more for us to see and I just can’t wait what the next collection holds!

ORANGE ORANGE!!! my number “1” love color for this year’s AW!!!

Paying attention to detailed work of Shanghai Tang’s collection. These pants are also a key item I really like.

Special thanks to Claudia for introducing the collection to me. I absolutely enjoyed learning and knowing more about the change of Shanghai Tang:) She looks fab in the Shanghai Tang 🙂

What do you guys think about the statement jewelry???

My fav shoots from the catalog, shot by Chen Man. Its a visual of rediscovering modern China aesthetics.

I am wearing:
Blue shoulder cut top: random shop on street
Skirt: Cotton On
Belt and shoes: H&M
Bag: Balenciaga