the world has gone MONKI!

Entering MONKI’s AW 2011 wonderland at Brunch Club. Like a story book, settings play a huge role in creating a great atmosphere and character for the storyline. As I was walking up the stairs surrounded by raw ciment walls which created curiosity for me to find out more about the collection upstairs.

This season, MONKI has shifted to a lovely and stylish imagination world!
4 major style styles: Bright Young Things (celebrates the brings us to a 60’s Oxbridge with colorful classy and tailor made items), Fade To Grey(celebrations of eruption of post-grunge minimalism and a bit of 90s) ,

Golddust Women ( sophisticated 70s nostalgia) and Owl and Fox(an autumn classic in the country greens).

The GOLDDUST WOMEN is my fav from this collection. I love the romantic French chateaus and golden hair beauties concept. The long flowy dresses floating on the floor with swirling prints. I love creating long slim silhouettes since I am not that tall:P High waist long flare pants, classic jumpers and long knits are def on be in my closet.

This gorgeous illustration by illustrator Beata Boucht and photo artist Sarah Cooper and Nina Grofer
Looking thru the fabulous clothes from the collection. There were sexy chiffon tops, seductive reds and long 70’s trousers:) I have already edited on what I will buy for the season:)

Model posing in MONKI’s Collection.

Here is Maggie wearing a classic from the Owl and Fox collection.

MONKI leaving traces everything and making everything upside down!

I found this must have from the Bring Young Things!!! They remind me of Celine’s trousers, it goes well with just a normal knit sweater of a crispy white shirt! You will be seeing me in them this winter!

Here are more items I like from the collection:D

This year’s press gift was fab! I was looking at some of the accessories during the event. I fell in love with this half circle metal necklace. And guess what? It was in the press gift:D YEAAAAAAA lucky me Do you guys like it ?

Lets go shopping at MONKI!!

I am wearing:
CK white asymmetrical shirt top
H&M skirt
Black Platform