Marc Jacobs AW 2011 Fashion Show

After a long day of work… how would you like to end your day? Ideally it should be relaxing at home.
This day was a bit different for me, my day ended with Marc Jacobs’s AW11 Fashion Show at Landmark. Ceiling high curtains draping down to the floor giving us a private area to watch the show. I loved the long patent white thick poles hanging down from the ceiling with blue lights shinning across.
Yes,I was super hyped to see one of my fav model Liu Wen on the runway.

Denise and I waiting for the show to start.

YEAAA Liu Wen opening for the show. I started to get chills and goosebumps on my arm 😛 You know when you see someone you really like in real life and you get these weird good feelings.
Model struck?Don’t you? or is it just me?
The models came down from the escalator one by one and started working it on the runway. Stomping their wedge boots moving fiercely in Marc Jacobs outfits.

I only wish I was a bit taller to pull off Marc Jacobs’s proportion and silhouettes for this collection. The head pieces were such great statement pieces for a parties or evening events. Maybe a DIY?

A finale pose for all models:D

Oh what a great thing to end the night!