sheer pleats

Sheer has become a huge trend and now a statement for the FW 11 fashions and maybe SS 2012?!
Giving my look with a more elegant figure, I picked a midi sheer pleated skirt. I always think wearing sheer is all about confidents. Its like showing off your skin but in a very sexy and seductive way. So remember to wear sheer to show off your great assets (ex. sexy waist, toned legs or arms) and make it flattering.

Tips: Decide on what you want to hide and what you want to show off. If you are not as confient on showing off too much, try on a very subtle sheer instead of super super see through. Keep in mind that under pinning is number 1 important. I personally love bold black bras and hot shorts.

I am wearing:
Zebra print silk top
Vintage sheer pleat dress
Zara hot black pants
Zara mustard yellow pumps
Zara bag
Karen walker shades