Lane Crawford goes Beauty Style

Beauty from inside out has always been rule for staying pretty. Recently I have been searching for different detox recipes for a deep cleanse. For the outlook beauty, its always great to get professional advice from an expert.
Lane Crawford has teamed up with Beauty Stylist to create:
BEAUTY STYLE an exclusive customized programme for your skin’s needs and offers professional make up advice to customers, selecting from more than 60 exclusive offers and unique offer at Lane Crawford IFC and Pacific Place during September 15 to October 2.

The campaign also features four international influencers, who share their beauty tips and favorite cosmetic products in the ” Watch This Face” feature:

My favorite style tip was Liu Dan’s! So true about 8 glasses of water, enough rest and the most important is learn things to enrich your life:)

Don’t forget to check out Liu Dan’s make up tutorial : HERE

more information :