Introducing LA PERLA’s new fruity rose fragrance “Divina”.
After a long day from work, my friend and I went to check out a scent that will make us happy. Chatting about our day at work with Moet Rose Champagne was definitely a bubbly fruity hour for us and the ladies that were at the shop. I thought the scent was absolutely wonderful, I love mild strawberry jasmine scent with a bit of rose highlight.

Want to get an idea of how it smells?
Divina scent is divided into 3 sections, top, mid and dry.
Top: Garden of the Hesperides Calbria, Wild Strawberries, Pear Grantina and Champagne Accord
Mid: Rose Bouet, Orange Blossom Cram and Water Jasmine
Dry: Musk Serenolide, Amber Crystals, Blond Wood and Vanilla