the making of Hermes scarves

Have you ever wondered why Hermes scarves are so expensive? I have the answer in this post:)
Hermes’s scarves is the world’s foremost seller of high quality silk scarves. After understanding the whole process of the making of, I was so fascinated by all the steps. I learnt how to appreciate the time and craftsmanship of each scarf, it’s almost like a painting!

To make everything short and simple I have divided the process intro 7 steps:

Step 1: Design every Hermes scarf is a story, therefore the design and research must be fine-tuned, it takes 6 months to a year
Step 2: Engravingafter the design is finalizes, the layout is ready to be engraved

Step 3: Color selectionthere are more than 75,000 colors, after selected different combination of colors it is sent to Paris for inspection
Step 4: Printingthe Brazilian silk is spread out on heated tables which is 150 meters long and ready for printing. Each color needs to be printed separately and hour of drying time

Step 5: Finishingscarves go through a grooming process and for various scarves there maybe addition handcraft texture or embroidery
Step 6: Hem-stitching hems are rolled and stitched by hand

Step 7: Final inspectionanother QC for last time and then wrapped in the signature orange box

Hope you guys like it!