true beauty of a superstar, Michelle Yeoh

Recalling my hectic days of non stop calling and emailing the PRs, it was all worth it when I saw Michelle Yeoh’s cover shot for TimeOut Hong Kong. She was wearing Lanvin’s dress with Van Cleef Apres jewelries.
I still remember when she stepped into the studio that day, I was super nervous and excited at the same time. I have to admit I had start struck! During the shoot the vibe was amazing, Michelle Yeoh was so charming and totally rocked it. Her graceful poses on camera made me realize the true difference of a celebrity and a model. Her beauty from inside out totally inspired me. She is the most down to earth and stunning celebrity I have ever met, it made me felt sooooo great. This experience in assisting the shoot was priceless and I learned so much too!

Stay pretty inside out 🙂