DIY sparkly nails

Glitter and sparkly nails are def a comeback this season. By combining different shades of glitter you can personalize it in your own style. Also if your nails are chipped or scartched it’s not noticable at all! From my previous post on nail diary 2, I have recieved emails from readers requesting for a tutorial on it. So, I made a tutorial for you all to see:)

1) Pick any 3 sparkle color you like, I personally like to pick 2 similar ones and a contrasting sparkle to give your nails more layers. Here I am using Anna Sui’s liliac colors with contrasting blue.

2) Everytime before applying nail polish, make sure you put on a base coat first. It’s very important to protect your nails. After, apply the first layer all over your nails for 2 times. This will be your base color.

3) Then start applying the second color of plain glitter, this time apply 3/4 of the nails and repeat 2 times. Eventually you will see gradation of glitter.

4) The most important step is adding the contrasting color sparkles. Make sure its added half way first and then 1/4 of the tip of the nails. Finally add a top coat for a gel finishing effect:)

Wala! Have fun and hope you like it!