vnikali made it to the finalist for Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards !!!

I always tell myself, don’t give up at all times. As long as you have passion on what you do and have done your best, then leave God to the rest! Trust me ,I had the most dramatic week last week with disappointments!

This morning I woke up, brushed my teeth and washed my face while I was thinking what my next post will be. Suddenly an email pop up saying “Congratulations on being selected as a Finalist for Nuffnang Asia -Pacific Blog Award for Best Fashion Blog.”
And yes, I do accept this nomination !!
I had goosebumps all over my arms and felt so blessed to have this opportunity:)

First of all I need to thank all my readers comments, followers who have encouraged me for keeping my blog going for the past year.

If you ask me why do I deserve to win in this category?
My love for fashion never stops! I may not be the most stylish fashionista or have tons of money to buy luxury clothes but each moment in life I enjoy what I do and I think it shows on my blog:) I already feel so lucky for getting this far. I try my best to give readers an inside peek of the fashion industry and proving that with passion and hard work, there is always a chance for everyone. If I do win, it will be a bonus encouragement for me:)

“Style is an Inspiration of Past, Present and Future.” -vnikali
It’s a quote that I will tell everyone. I have worked really hard for the past year and this once in a life time chance. If you are one of readers or enjoy reading my blog I would love for you to support me by voting 🙂
The voting period is from 15 November 2011 – 27 November 2011.

Thank You everyone and esp my love.