xmas gift inspiration 3 : Fendi

Small leather goods are great for Christmas gifts, especially ones with quality. I would be very happy if my friend or family gave me something like this for Christmas, so I thought it would be great to recommend to you all. Gift’s do not matter in sizes, the most important thing is the meaning behind it.
Fendi’s gift idea collection can color highlights to your Christmas this year with playful yet thoughtful accessories.
Do you have a budget in mind?

Below 2,000 hkd
Fendi Chameleon Zipper Bag

Fendi Chameleon Leather Strap Bracelets

Below 3,000 hkd
Fendista FF Logo Bangle

Fendista FF Logo Hand Cuff

Below 6,000 hkd
Fendista Small Pouch

Below 8,000hkd
Fendi Skyline Roll Bag

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