new panties for new years!

Counting down the last few days of 2011 makes me super excited yet nervous.
Why? I am crunching the unfinished “to do” list before New Years. One of my every New Years routine is to reorganize my closet.
Since a clean closet will make getting ready each day easier. It’s a treat to get something new for New Years.
I started off with new undergarments, which will automatically make you feel sexy inside out with confidence.
I poped by a new 6ixty8ight at Miramar Shopping Centre and found tons of goodies!
I am loving best of the 6IXTY 8IGHT collection of pretty prints and sweet details.

My shopping spree begins with 6ixty8ight signature deal, 5 for $128hkd panties in sweet Christmas and sexy party styles.

Have you notice that on the left there are bunch of girls searching for their fav panties while on the right there is a lounge like area for the guys.Yes…there is a boys’ corner with sports TV, free wifi and comfy couches. Now there is no excuse for the guys to wait outside the shop!

After decisions and decisions …..I came up with 3 undergarment combination styles.
Hope it will inspire you all, when you go bra and panties hunting for New Years!!!
Tips on bras and panties hunting: Do try on bras before you buy them, don’t be lazy! Picture yourself in the bra styles and illuminated what you like and don’t like first. For choosing sets, keep in mind that the panties need to be cohesive with the bra: for example the texture, material and color.

Sporty casual with a touch of flirt – This combination is very comfortable with a bit of lace. These will be great of every casual wear or just at home relaxing.

Red seduction winter- With 6ixty8ight’s new snowflake, winter floral and party look sequins print panties. This is definitely my favorite party style look for Xmas and New Years. I love the extra flirty red lace neckline tie on the bra.

A girl with an attitude– Sometimes you don’t need to be super matchy matchy for bra and panties. Try something new and go with your feelings. You can try it with various shapes of panties.

Dont miss out, 30Days of 68Fun-Starting 23 December through 21 January at the new Miramar Shopping Centre store, there will be a fun in store event EVERY DAY!!

Have a great and sexy New Years Eve everyone! Play safe:)