sleeping is beauty

Waking up in the morning and feeling well rested is a great gift from the sleeping fairies. You are guys are probably wondering why the heck am I writing about this? It comes to my conclusion that no matter how fab your outfit looks with dull and tired skin nothing will look right. How important is sleeping? Sleeping helps to reduce stress, repairs your body, improves memories and occurrence of mood disorders. The number one factor is during your sleep, your body releases melatonin, which has incredibly positive effect on your skin and immune system. Therefore having a peaceful sleep is super important for all fashionistas to look glamourous.
How to start and improve? My mission was to find the right pillow and eye mask for sleeping. I have heard and read many great reviews about TEMPUR’s pressure relieving mattress and pillows. Of course I couldn’t just change my mattress right away, so I went to find a suitable shape of pillow for my sleeping habit. I personally like to sleep all over the place; sideways, on my tummy or just hugging my pillow.
This sleep mask helps me seal the light out and has a gentle cushion on the eye bag area to reduce puffiness.
My final pick was the Ombracio Pillow! I love how it supports my neck area on the side. The anatomically correct shape feels like I am sinking into a deep deep sleep:) My skin has improved so much by quality of sleep I am having, its no joke and I highly recommend this pillow!

Tips for a good night sleep: Avoid drinking fluids 3 hours before sleeping and make sure no caffeine or sugar is added. Create a relaxed environment before bedtime, I like to mix lavender and Citrus bergamia 100% (organic) pure essential oil on a tissue and put it on the side of my bed. Lastly have a extra pillow or stuffed animal on the side to hug:) ( personally habit)

Sweet dreams everyone.