fresh mint blazer

Pale mint skinny jeans didn’t really work for me, it made my legs look bloated. To satisfy my craving for pale mints, I went back to my favorite closet essential ” blazers”. It’s surprisingly wonderful how the same style of blazer with a different color can change the mood of the outfit. A black blazer will bring a masculine chic side of you while pale mint delivers a soft and elegant feeling. Layering and playing around with proportions will give the outfit more character. I added hints of polka dots with flare jeans to make it more casual.
Tips: For your layering piece, pick something light. You want it to compliment for key pieces. I personally like the this polka fot skirt because of the spilt sides, its easy to walk in and gives an illusion of free flow.

I am wearing:
ring: random store
bracelet: Gift from aintthatpretty

Blazer: ZARA
Jeans: H&M
Bag: Fendi