M.A.C trend report SS 2012

First timer to MAC’s backstage make up trend recap for SS2012. Like first day of class, I was super excited to hunt down what were the upcoming make up trends for this season. Comparing to last season’s toughness and androgyny, spring will be filled with radiates and colors that brings sophistication. The 4 main trends are ATH-ELITE, ORE-INSPIRED, NOUV-EAU and NEO-N. I was watching the make up artist applying thin layers of make up in different techniques and strokes. It was like painting on a 3D canvas, creating dynamics with various shade to make certain features stand out.

Key tips of archiving ATH-ELITE on daily make up:
priming and moisturizing is very important to give skin a super hydrated feeling
-contour with shimmer highlights to define bone structure on cheeks for a sporty plump skin effect
– add an energetic squarer eyebrow and bold strength eyeliner to add dimension to eye area
-finish off with a nude glossy lips

Key tips on picking colors for NEO-N make up:
– this make up is very free style but to be careful of what colors you pick to avoid clown like makeup
– pick pure colors but not pop art and dont’ work too hard on it ( effortless feeling)
– think of touchable and sensual…. intelligent and singular

– to nail it, imagine yourself simply swiping on strong lips, cheeks or eyes on your way back from the gym

Have fun with it!