abstract pink clutch by vnikali

Making DIYs can be fun yet challenging. I have learned my ways to overcome the DIY fears. The scary factors for me are the outcome of my DIY ( not perfect enough ) or it doesn’t look right. Trust me, I have screwed up many times on my DIYs. Why? I wasn’t patient enough to make it polished and ended up tossing it into the trash or not looking at it anymore. Secondly I over think about the DIY and tend to give up half way. Finally, I rush myself to all sorts of DIYs making myself super stressed:P DIYs are meant to be fun!
My solution for these fears are “Be patient, believe in yourself and time management.”

I started off with an abstract piece of sketch, gradually to silk screen printing and ended up with a cool clutch bag that I have been wanting to make for a while. The feeling of making something your own is rewarding.

Stay tune for an outfit post with my new clutch:)