luxury yet accessible

My initial thoughts of an Aston Martin and Moët Hennessy Wine Appreciation event would be something super duper formal. Before heading to the event, I panicked on what I should wear, wondering if I was overdressed or underdressed. Luckily, I was safe for the night, you will get what I mean later on the post:)

When I stepped into the showroom, I felt and saw friendly crowds raising their wine glasses, guests chatting along with fine delicious finger foods and Aston Martins. Instead of featuring the Moët Chandon that everyone knows about, Jane Dee ( Regional Brand Manager at Moët Hennessy Asia Pacific) thought outside the box and chooses to bring awareness to new wines. Personally I am not too familiar with wines and haven’t been to a lot of wine tasting events. Recalling my experiences in wine tasting, everyone would try out different wines at the same time. Whereas this wine appreciation event, Jane Dee thoughtfully structured the wine tasting starting with light crisp white wine to a full bodied red wine. This experience had made me come to an understanding to feel the taste of the wines instead of feeling pressured to learn how to drink wine. Everyone greeted each other in delighted attitudes making this a luxury event a welcoming and comfortable environment to be in.

Lucky draw time!! Jane Dee gathered everyone’s attention to announce were the lucky ones that night.

Oh yea! I was one of them:) Now I can enrich my knowledge in wine and hopeful share my experience and personal tips with you all from this book.

A picture with Jane Dee’s effortless yet tasteful outfit, a timeless stripe top matched with a pencil skirt. I like how she added 2 different layers of necklace to her outfit, making it unique and fun. For me, I was wearing a vintage dress with white blazer (this is a safe combo for events).

It was great pleasure meeting Jane Dee and getting to know her easy going personality. It’s truly a great experience that I will share with everyone.

Have a great weekend everyone!