happy 30th to A.T by Atsuro Tayama

A night filled with carnival activities along with A.T by Asturo Tayama’s SS 2012 fashion show.
We have come together to celebrate A.T by Atsuro Tayama’s 30th in NEO 70’s style. In the collection, the designer captures moments in French New Waves films and projects them in casual, mannish and elegant wear. Throughout the fashion show there were texture whites, geometric patterns, colorful shades, nautical tricolour stripes and tropical designs. Here are some snaps!

Yumiko’s outfit was my favorite from the other 3 celebrities. It felt like she owned the outfit instead the outfit wearing her. Her style was chic with an edgy twist to it. I am loving the timeless pieces and would definitely wear her outfit! But.. I think I would change the stud platform:P They are wayyyy to high for me…

One thing that inspired me from Charlene’s was the waist styling of her outfit. She paired a woven leather belt with a twisted cardigan. It was very fresh and gaven an illusion of different layers from the tropical dress. What do you guys think?