trust and undying love from Georg Jensen

My first project with Georg Jensen is to discover what is a perfect combination of love? We seek for the perfect person to fall deeply in love and share our emotions with. Falling in love is like magic, when two person personality fits like a puzzle piece. It takes patience, tolerance and a great amount of communication for the every piece to form together. Each band of Fusion rings by Georg Jensen represents a certain symbol of love to be slipped on perfectly together and to create your own love story with your love ones.

Photographer: Maurice

Fusion 3.1 ring by Georg Jensen

Fusion Long Pendant by Georg Jensen

Vintage Watch by Giorgio Armani

Leather strap bracelet by Fendi

Denim and tweed coat by Stradivarius

Mint metal collar silk shirt by ZATA

Black Maxi Dress by APC

Neon strap sandals by ZARA