T by mood

PENNYBLACK has made our mood easier to express by projecting them on Ts.
Just like me: T by mood, is a collection that includes 5 different common mood that are hard to say.

「In Love」、「Confused」、「Stressed Out」、「Wandering」、「But also no!」

As a fashion stylist and blogger, I always bump into these moods in my daily life and work too. What would be your 6th mood? For me I take “ Style Learning “ as one of my all time mood. Life is short and you should always take every chance to learn in your own ways. Learn with style and I am sure you can enjoy every happening!
Enter the contest now for a chance to showcase your mood in HK, Milan and Rome Pennyblack shops.
Instruction to contest:
1. Like Pennyblack Facebook Page

2. Choose a Polariod frame and Upload your picture
3. Input your mood and share it with you friends on Facebook