handcare key secrets

A pair of well kept, smooth and beautiful hands are extremely important. Believe it or not, hands tell you a great amount of things about yourself. Like what color is your nail polish, the amount of hand accessories you wear and how you wear them. Hand plays a huge role in communication.
You basically need to use your hands every day for washing dishes, typing, cooking, getting dressed or turning on your tv. Thats why I always keep my hands and cuticle moisturized. My key secret are apply hand cream four times a day, apply nail & cuticle therapy every other day and nail & cuticle oil every night before I sleep. Not only your hands will stay moisturized but you can prevent cuticles from peeling and your nails will stay hard with a healthy look with no nail polish.

Sally Hansen: no smell and helps your cuticle recover overnight ( only apply nighttime)

Crabtree & Evelyn: I am addicted to this scent, it smells so fresh. I use an orange stick and gently push back cuticles then massage excess cream onto nails.

LOLLIA : The package is just awesome with floral graphics and I love sharing it with my friends after washing our hands. A small amount is needed to moisturize my hands, it’s rich ingredients keeps my hand smooth and soft.

Every now and then I will pamper myself with a good manicure:P