the wild child

This March, Indian Vogue unleashed this epic editorial bursting with explosive colour, dynamism and fierce, untamed tribal-inspired beauty. Modeled by Preeti Dhata and Ninja Singh this kick ass shoot features a plethora of homegrown talent from the likes of Rohit Ghandi and Rahul Khanna, Malini Ramani and Alpana Neeraj and Ritu Kumar. Offset by zig-zagging braids, graphic cornrows and stencil patterned war paint and accessorised with some of the finest ethnic statement jewellery I’ve seen this season, it seems those ‘innovative’, ‘boundary-pushing’, ‘rebellious’ labels that typically crown the likes of London’s new generation, may be in for the taking. Honestly, that Kapoor ‘Chaotic Truck Art’ crêpe dress is giving me the urge to hop right on a plane straight to Rajasthan to hang out with the gypsies (like these!). Somebody fly me back to India!