Felix at The Peninsula Hong Kong

Invited by Hong Kong’s only historial five star hotel was a huge treat for me. Yes, I am talking about The Peninsula Hong Kong. The Peninsula is filled with dining surprises, from classical decors to dreamlike contemporary settings. Leaving from the elevator to the restaurant, the modern vibe I got from the interior design and lighting of Felix was very delightful. Introducing Felix’s chef, Yoshiharu Kaji, he presented his Modern European signature 6 course menu.

Confessions of a Chocoholic : 6 different styles of rich chocolate flavored alcohol drinks that will satisfy your chocolate and alcohol craves. I would highly recommend the ladies to try this after a stressful day of work or a girls night out.

Before dinner, Felix’s chef Yoshiharu Kaji, treated us with his new fusion appetizers. My top twos were the dried tomato with shrimp and salmon spring rolls. Each bite was filled with surprise, which gave me various taste bud sensations.

Wondering what Chef Yoshiharu Kaji looks like? Here you go! At Felix not only you can taste great cuisine but you can also know more about their staff in Peninsula. The chairs at the restaurant are custom made with Peninsula’s staffs portraits.

I really enjoyed tasting all sorts of new dishes from the 6 course dinner menu and would love to share my most memorable dishes.

Pan-fried French duck liver with caramelized strawberries.
I am not a huge fan of duck liver and I usually gag on my first bite. It was really weird that I didn’t get this feeling while tasting this dish. The sweet and sour strawberries neutralized the oil from the duck liver and I actually finished the whole dish. Yummy 🙂

Yogurt Lemon Mousse, Canadian Shrimp dumpling with fennel-orange Puree

I liked combining the mousse with the Canadian shrimp together. The mousse gave the dish a light weight feeling which was easy to eat. The shrimp was very fresh and I am a huge fan of seafood.

Roasted Japanese Beef Tenderloin with Herb Salad, Savoy Cabbage and Lard, Gratin Potatoes
Super duper tender beef!!! The beef was roasted in medium rare, just the way I wanted. I was very pleased with the beef juice that was still trapped inside the beef.

Parmesan Cheese Creme Brulee

It was very interesting tasting cheese with carmel, there were hints of saltiness. Hmm it was really my taste but I do like to try new things!

Thyme-marinated Grapefruit Tart with Citrus Sherbet , Grapefruit Whipped Cream and Lemon Jelly
It was very thoughtful of Chef Yoshiharu Kaji to make a citrus dessert for us. The citrus sherbet balanced out some of the heavier dishes we had, which made my stomach feel relaxed. After all the amazing dishes, we enjoyed a cup of rose tea along petit fours.

The staffs were very friendly and showed great service. Thank you so much for having us!
I can’t wait to try the High Tea there, I have heard many great things about it! Looking forward to my next post about it.

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