irregular is what stands out!

Is is better to be regular or irregular? I still haven’t figured it out yet, but I did find some inspiration from Irregular Choice. Irregular Choice’s philosophy is known for “maintaining creativity and individuality in a world of conformity.” They provide a wide range of footwear, clothing, jewelry, handbags and lifestyle goods. Their design is filled with colors, textures, prints and shapes that are fresh yet playful. Each pair of shoes states it’s own unique design and brings a footwear statement to your outfit.

I fell in love with these oversized cat eye shades!

Had a chance to chat with Dan Sullivan, designer and creator of Irregular Choice. He gets his inspiration from all happening around him. He captures various memories from travelling and experiences in life to his designs. Everyone looks at the world in different point of views and I like to look at mine in several dimensions. For example, some people think a tunnel is just a tunnel for cars to cross, but for me a tunnel can lead you to place filled with imaginations. Do check out their shop if you are in HK! It’s full of youthful energy.

Irregular Choice Hong Kong
Shop A, G/F, 1-3 Cleveland Street
Fashion Walk
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

12pm – 10pm Daily