a sunny destination

Vibrant colors that inspires you to dress in chic swimsuits and shimmering outfit during summer.
I was talking to a make up artist and he said “Colors you wear may also go well on your face too!” Instead of just buying accessories and clothes within this season’s color trend, why not check out some makeup products too? Not matter if you have tanned or pale skin, Christian Dior’s “Croisette” Summer 2012 make up collection will flatter you in a glamours couture trip. This collection was inspired by French Riviera’s radiant sunlight and turquoise water. I personally really like the eye gloss, nail polish, Aurora eyeshadow and turquoise eyeliner.

Eye shadow Colors:

[Swimming Pool] a splash of freshness to illuminate the eyes : ultramarine, sky blue, turquoise, pearl grey and bikini pink

[Aurora] -smouldering eyes in incandescent colours. Golden brown, sunny orange, sand and golden yellow bring intense warmth to the eye

Trying on the products with Dior’s skincare to makeup.

Products that I liked: