summer checklist 1

Whenever I go shopping, there is always a checklist in my mind. I like hunt for something instead of wandering around and end up buying something I wish I didn’t. So here are some trend items I would like to buy and style them with my current closet. Is there anything you want too?

My thoughts:
neon yellow chain bag: this wil be my all time going out bag, it’s on trend and goes well with most my clothes
mixed frame cat eye: I have tons of cat eye shades already, but it won’t hurt to get more 🙂 To change it a bit I decided to go for mixed frames ( less boring)
design memo pad: summer is the time to go travelling or outdoors. It’s great to be inspired and sketch down any ideas for future references. ( outfit or DIY inspiration)
clear jelly sandals: yes… back to the 90s.. I remember I had a pair when I was 6 so I want to restyle them again this summer with LBDs, jeans and cut offs
ankle cuffs: we def need some ankle accessories to show off our legs… even for flip flips too
ethnic scarf: if you can’t pull off any prints, stick with scarves! white tee with jeans will do the magic:)

skinny denim overall: I have loads of jumpsuits and playsuit in my closet. It’s about time I own my very first pair of overalls. ( a pair of nice ones) I am already thinking different outfits for it:D

dark plum lipstick: Not going for the dark plum lips, I am going for the gradient stain lips.

film cameras: As much as I love instagram, I know I will never develop the photos I take. On the other hand, experimenting film camera this summer will be my new hobby